The PBZ365@NET - http://net.pbz.hr/ service for citizens and small businesses (trades) gives you access to your bank accounts seven days a week, 24 hours a day, from wherever there is a computer with Internet access (including public places such as Internet points, Internet cafes, hotels etc.)

PBZ365@NET - http://net.pbz.hr



There are many reasons to us PBZ365@NET services

SIMPLICITY – they enable you to use services simply, quickly, securely and much more cheaply, such as access to bank accounts, checking on the balance and turnover on your account, whether current, gyro, business or foreign currency, transfer funds from one account to another within PBZ, pay bills in kunas throughout the entire RoC, buy foreign currency on line, look at the balance and turnover on your account and pay credit card bills (MC, Amex, VISA) and many other banking services.
ACCESSIBILITY – you can use the PBZ365@NET services anywhere there is a computer with internet access.
LOWER FEES - *the fees are much lower than those you pay when you pay in the classical way at the bank (up to 5 times lower).
*The monthly membership fee for PBZ365 services (apart from PBZ365-SMS) is reduced in line with the Inovacija package.

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