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Inspire - Group debit card for PBZ current account

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This international card of Intesa Sanpaolo Group provides you with full safety, and you have access to your money on your PBZ current account anytime and wherever you are.

It enables you to access your cash simply, free of charge, using wide network of PBZ ATM points, as well as ATM points of other banks – members of Intesa Sanpaolo Group:

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Country: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine

INOVATIVE. Inspire card has the latest technological solutions relating to payment at retail places, so-called contactless payment.

SAFE. Inspire card provides you with a high level of safety from card abuse and enables you safe Internet shopping.

FAVOURABLE. Cash withdraws are without commissions at ATM points of Privredna banka Zagreb and other bank members of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. You can use your Inspire card for single payments or purchase up to 12 installments, without interest and fees, along with a month delay.

Contactless payment 

This service is new on European and Croatian market.

Using contactless payment option, you can pay lesser amounts (up to HRK 100.00) at retail places faster and simpler, with no need for PIN entry or signature. You simply press your card against any card reader in retail places having special designation for that option.

Thanks to the advanced Visa payWave technology, your Inspire card supports contactless payment.

How to make a contactless payment using your Inspire card?

1. All retail places having enabled contactless payment are marked with this VISA payWave logo:

PayWave.jpg or    inspire.jpg

2. Put your Inspire card close to the sensor and your payment will be realized in a few seconds. Upon the payment, POS slip will be printed out for you. 


Safe Internet shopping

The highest security level when using your Inspire card in ensured by 3-D SecureTM programme for Safe Internet shopping called 'Verified by Visa'.
The programme 'Verified by Visa' enables you to confirm your identity on the Internet, verifying also your participation in the process of shopping and payment on the Internet point of sale.
For safe Internet shopping with your Inspire card, search for points of sale with 'Verified by Visa' logo:

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How to became Inspire card user?

You become Inspire card user upon opening a current account with Privredna banka Zagreb.

Upon receiving notification that your card has been issued, take it in person at the branch office in which you have opened a current account, using your ID card to identify yourself.

You use your PIN (personal identification number) sent to your home address by the Bank to identify yourself when using your card at ATM points and POS devices.

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