Lombard loans

Use your savings to the fullest.
Do you have a term deposit in euro or a share in a PBZ money fund or a life insurance policy contracted in euro?  In that case you can realise a PBZ Lombard loan enabling the payment of cash with simultaneous savings and investment.

Contract a PBZ Lombard cash loan in a PBZ Branch Office closest to you.

A loan can also be approved to a natural person without a term deposit in PBZ under the condition that the loan is insured by lien on term deposit owned by another person who will be a pledgor.

PBZ Lombard loan enables you

  • payment of cash
  • financing of your personal needs
  • simultaneous savings and investment, i.e. achieving yield on interest, share value growth or dividend

Benefits of PBZ Lombard loans

  • no guarantors
  • cash payment of the loan to the current account of the loan user in HRK
  • no calculation of creditworthiness
  • selection of the loan repayment (in annuities or instalments or by one-time repayment of the principal)
  • the selection of the date for the repayment of monthly annuities (last day in a month or some other day in the month)
  • payment of a fee from the funds of the approved loan

Additional information you can find:

  • on free info telephone 0800 365 365 
  • on telephone +385 1 4891 333
  • visit nearest PBZ Branch Office.  

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