Mortgage loans

Rely on the value of your real estate.
Have easy access to cash for the financing of your financial needs with the help of a mortgage loan based on a mortgage on a property. Realise a PBZ mortgage cash loan in the amount up to EUR 150,000 without guarantors and deposit:

Contract a mortgage cash loan at your closest PBZ Branch Office.

Characteristics of a PBZ mortgage loan:  

  • cash payment of the loan to the transaction account of the loan user
  • no guarantors, no deposit
  • loan repayment term: up to 20 years
  • amount of the loan: up to EUR 150,000
  • a lien on the real estate as a loan insurance instrument
  • selection of the date for the repayment of monthly annuities

Additional information you can find:

  • on free info telephone 0800 365 365 
  • on telephone +385 1 4891 333
  • visit nearest PBZ Branch Office.  

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