Other services

The use of safe deposit boxes, buying gold and silver coins, contracting standing orders, ATM services ... are additional services that PBZ has prepared for its clients.

Safe deposit boxes

If you are looking for additional security for your valuables, PBZ offers a safe solution: safe deposit boxes. Protect your personal belongings and important documents particularly during the holidays when the risk of theft increases considerably.

You can rent a safe deposit box in all major cities across Croatia starting as low as HRK 43.05 per month.

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Welcome to the largest ATM network in Croatia!
Privredna Banka Zagreb, through its widespread network of ATMs, gives its clients safe, fast and easy access to cash 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Gold and silver coins

Coins have through centuries reflected the wealth and power of the country in which they were forged, making a significant part of its history. They are still a symbol of the values that cannot be run over by time.

Invest in the lasting value and obtain gold and silver coins whose motives will always remind you of the great events in our nation's history.

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Standing orders

PBZ standing order (direct debit) saves time and money!
Create a standing order at PBZ and get rid of the worries about paying the bills and monthly expenses. Ensure funds are in your account and PBZ will ensure that invoices are timely paid.

Create a standing order at your nearest PBZ Branch Office or through PBZ Internet banking.

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