PBZ digital banking

Make banking transactions anywhere, anytime.
The new service PBZ digital banking enables the use of PBZ Internet and mobile banking applications and provides a unique experience with numerous application personalization capabilities.

For more information, see #withPBZ, also you can download the mobile application PBZ Mobile Banking immediately in the App Store or the Google Play store.

Try a completely new dimension of digital banking, innovative services available instantly and everywhere with just one click!

With a brand new, redesigned and personalized interface, PBZ digital banking provides a unique user experience irrespective of whether you use a mobile device or computer for your bank business.

The application provides new value and stronger interaction with the bank through:

  • Fast Balance enables mobile device users and Apple smart clocks to access their account status without the need to log in to the application itself.
  • #withSIGN is an advanced electronic signature that replaces a self-signed signature and thus enables digital signing or contracting of products and services without going to a branch.
  • # withSAVE is an innovative, impulsive and interactive way of saving that allows your savings to grow day by day (so-called small daily save money and pay a banknote into a virtual cash box by touching your finger.

New payment options:

  • #withPAY - an option that allows payment to other PBZ users without IBAN, ie it is enough to have a list of user contacts in the mobile directory device and part of the #withPAY community
  • Trusted transactions - a fast payment option without authorization for recipients whose accounts are designated as trusted payment accounts (eg family members, partners, friends ...)
  • Scan & Pay - payment options for payouts that do not have a 2D bar code, with payment of payment and automatic filling in payment orders, along with the existing scanner payment option by deleting 2D bar codes
  • Easy transfer - easy payments between owner and authorized buyer accounts with / # withKEY (authorization is only required when activating the functionality) .




Internet banking PBZ365@NET!

New on PBZ365@NET is the chat and video chat service enabling direct written and video communication with the e-agent.

Other specifications of PBZ365@NET service are:

  • a responsive design adjusted to you and your devices,
  • personalised access and innovative services saving you time and money,
  • fees for the transactions made through the PBZ365@NET service considerably lower than in the branch office.

Please find more information on the PBZ365@NET service at the web address http://with.pbz.hr/en/products/pbz365net/


Mobile banking – mPBZ

Find the closest PBZ Branch Office fast and simple, the closest pay-in or pay-out ATM, the day and night safe or have a look at the working hours of our branch offices through the new Location service.

The mPBZ service saves time, enables a simpler and faster payment of bills, while the fees for the transactions through the mPBZ service are considerably lower than in the branch office.

Please find more information on the mPBZ service at the Internet address http://with.pbz.hr/en/products/mpbz/

iRačun - a modern form of electronic payment!

Instead of having your invoices delivered in paper form to your home address, the invoices arrive in electronic form and the Bank prepares a filled in payment slip for you.

Please find more information on the iInvoice service at the Internet address http://with.pbz.hr/en/products/i-account/



Telephone banking PBZ365-TEL

Save your time with the PBZ365-TEL service, pay your bills and make numerous financial transactions fast and simple. For the use of the PBZ365-TEL service, all you need is a phone, a PBZmToken or a card reader (that you will get to use for free), while the access to this service is achieved by a phone call at +385 (0) 1 4891 300.

Please find more information on the PBZ365-TEL service at the Internet address http://with.pbz.hr/en/products/pbz365-tel/

Your PBZ365-SMS account on the display of your mobile phone

You can follow any changes in your current account or information on the display of your mobile phone through the PBZ365-SMS service.

Please find more information on the PBZ365-SMS service at the Internet address http://with.pbz.hr/en/products/pbz365-sms/

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