PBZ housing loans in HRK

A world in which it is easier to get an apartment is possible.
If you decided to buy a new house, an apartment, or build one, i.e. renovate your residential space, from now on at PBZ you may realise a housing loan in HRK with the selection of a variable, fixed interest rate or combination of fixed and variable interest rate.

Contract a PBZ housing loan in HRK at your closest PBZ Branch Office.

Benefits with which you can realise a PBZ housing loan in HRK:

  • loan amount up to as much as HRK 2,300,000 and for renovation up to HRK 535,000
  • approval of the loan for renovation, completion, upgrading, additional construction, reconstruction and in case the loan applicant is not the owner of the credited real estate
  • adaptation loan model, no mortgage is established for loans up to HRK 300,000.00 
  • payment of up to 10% of loan amounts in cash for payment of expenses related to the realisation of housing loans 
  • possibility of using the loan for adaptation, completion, upgrading, additional construction, reconstruction/construction up to 70% in cash
  • contracting a moratorium (delayed repayment) of up to 18 months may be possible during maternity leave for existing housing loans, without paying interest
  • possibility of paying the fee, policy premiums and other insurance instruments from the approved loan 
  • selection of the loan repayment model in instalments, standard annuities or annuities with a special repayment plan 
  • repayment in instalments enables faster loan repayment and, thus, minor interest costs, while the repayment with gradual increase in annuities leaves more free funds for your other needs during the realisation of housing loans 
  • selection of the date for the repayment of monthly annuities/instalments (any day in a month) 
  • grace period up to 12 months (except with a special repayment plan) 
  • possibility of contracting an automatic partial loan repayment 
  • contracting insurance policies possible in Bank’s branch offices acting as a representative in the sale of insurance policies. 


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