PBZ Invest

Investment funds are a specific possibility of investing funds, whereby the investor, depending on his/her financial goals, investment duration and potential yield or risk, selects the funds whose investment goals are in accordance with the investment goals of the investor.

Before any investment, please think about the following:

  • Your financial goal
  • Desired investment period
  • Risk level that you are ready to accept.

The company currently manages 12 open investment funds with public offering. These are: 

  • PBZ START fond
  • PBZ E-START fond
  • PBZ D-START fond
  • PBZ Bond fond
  • PBZ Global fond
  • PBZ Equity fond
  • PBZ Conservative 10 fond
  • PBZ Short term bond fond
  • PBZ Flexible 30 fond
  • PBZ Dollar Bond fond (fond s dospijećem)
  • PBZ Dollar Bond fond 2 (fond s dospijećem)
  • PBZ International Multi Asset fond

Apart from establishing and managing investment funds, PBZ Invest also provides a specialised service in managing the securities portfolio for natural and legal persons, whose basic characteristics of investment is to entrust a part of personal assets to the management of a professional manager.

Please find out more on PBZ Invest services here.

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