Visa Inspire

By opening a HRK current account you become a user of the Visa Inspire card. The use of the card enables contactless payment and safe Internet shopping as well as access to money at any moment no matter where you are. Amounts as small as HRK 100 can be authorised either by PIN or signature.

Contract your Visa Inspire current account card in HRK at your closest PBZ Branch Office.

Visa Inspire card enables contactless payment without entering the PIN for amounts up to HRK 100; all you need to do is touch the card to the POS device at the specially marked points of sale.

Advantages of your Visa Inspire card:

  • innovative
  • characterised by the latest technological solutions with regard to payment at points of sale, the so-called contactless payment, safe
  • provides a high degree of protection from card abuse and enables safe purchase through internet, favourable
  • payment of cash at PBZ and ATMs of Intesa Sanpaolo Group without any fees, for one-time payments or purchases up to 36 instalments without interest or fees and with one month grace period

Contactless payment:

  • this service is a novelty on the Croatian market
  • smaller purchase amounts at points of sale can be paid even faster and simpler, without the need to enter the PIN or to sign because all you need is to touch the card against the card reader at the specially marked points of sale
  • your Inspire card, thanks to the advanced Visa payWave technology, supports contactless payment

You become a user of your Visa Inspire card:

  • by opening a current account in HRK at PBZ
  • upon receipt of the notification that your card has been produced, you take it over personally in the branch office in which you have opened your current account in HRK by presenting your personal ID
  • in order to use the card at ATMs and POS devices, you will identify yourself with your PIN, a personal identification number that you have received at your contact address.

Inspire card enables the withdrawal of cash without any fees in the wide network of PBZ ATMs and at ATMs of the banks of Intesa Sanpaolo Group.




Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

Bosna i Hercegovina

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosna i Hercegovina


Bank of Alexandria


Privredna banka Zagreb


Intesa Sanpaolo


CIB Bank


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Romania


Banca Intesa Russia


VUB banka


Banka Koper


Banca Intesa Beograd


Pravex Bank

Legend: State / Banka
State: Albanija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Egipat, Hrvatska, Italija, Mađarska, Rumunjska, Rusija, Slovačka, Slovenija, Srbija, Ukrajina

If your card’s been lost or stolen:

  • call us on telephone +385 1 4891 333 from 0 to 24h 
  • or visit your nearest PBZ Branch Office.

Additional information you can find:

  • on free info telephone 0800 365 365 
  • on telephone +385 1 4891 333
  • visit nearest PBZ Branch Office. 

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