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Our values and reports


Policies, codes and reports


Code of Ethics

We have adopted a Code of Ethics governing our relations with interested parties in accordance with the highest standards of professional ethics and good business practice.  The Code of Ethics is a set of values and principles that we observe in our everyday work and in all business activities.

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Potential breach of Code of Ethics can be reported on the follwing address: 

E-mail: Etickikodeks.PBZGrupa@pbz.hr 

Code of Conduct

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Principles of Human rights

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PBZ Rules on Internal Reporting Violations - Whistelblowing

On 23 February 2024, the Management Board of the Bank adopted the Rules of internal reporting of irregularities (whistleblowers) with the consent of the Supervisory Board. The rules apply to all employees as well as external associates who perform jobs in the Bank.
Pbz Group members comply with local regulations, the ISP Group Rules on the internal system of reporting irregularities and these Rules by implementing the provisions in their internal rules.

Contact phone for oral reports of irregularities: 01 63 64446.

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Exclusion of PBZ From Participation in Activities Related to Armaments

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The Consolidated Non-Financial Statements of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, including methodological information and an interactive summary for easy identification of key sustainable projects and Group results, are available here

View the non-financial report of Intesa Sanpaolo Group for:

Year 2023
Year 2022
Year 2021
Year 2020


Download Sustainability Report of PBZ

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. has been exempted from the obligation to publish a non-financial report since the Bank's non-financial information is included in the consolidated non-financial report of Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

An overview of activities in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability is part of the Annual Report, which you can access, in the form of an extract, at the links below:

Report 2022
Report 2021
Report 2020
Report 2019
Report 2018


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