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Preparations for the introduction of the Euro

Following the inclusion of the Croatian kuna in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism ERM II in July 2020 as a phase preceding the announcement of the introduction of the euro with a planned date of 1 January 2023, PBZ Group began preparatory activities for the conversion of the national currency into the euro. The introduction of the euro is certainly one of the most demanding and comprehensive projects in a country in which many stakeholders are involved. The role of banks in the whole process is extremely important, and in order to ensure a successful and as simple as possible transition for our clients, we have started intensive preparations in the Bank and members of the PBZ Group in Croatia. Also, our employees actively participate in the work of coordination committees at the national level as well as working groups within the Croatian Banking Association.

We will inform you in a timely manner about all relevant information and activities related to the euro introduction process and operations with the Bank and the PBZ Group.

More information on the introduction of the euro in the Republic of Croatia is also available at: https://euro.hnb.hr/


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