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PBZ mobile banking

Have bank at your fingertips with this modern app that provides you a simpler and customizable daily banking

This is why you`ll like it


Faster and easier login and transactions using a fingerprint scanner


Banking services wherever you are and whenever you need them

Smart features

New features on your login screen for managing your money more easily

Special offer

Contract PBZ Digital Banking until December 31, 2021 and get a special benefit: no monthly membership fee for the first three months of using the service!

The mobile app brings new and innovative features
The mobile app brings new and innovative features
The mobile app brings new and innovative features
Turn savings into a habit by setting small amounts aside each day using #withSAVE
Withdraw cash without a card using a code generated via #withCASH
Pay faster and simpler to your contacts with #withPAY
Find out your account balance without logging in to the app using the Quick balance overview
Financing 24/7

Financing 24/7

Manage your finances more easily by having them always within your reach:

  • quick account balance and activity by cards
  • the online contracting of Bank products
  • cardless cash withdrawal from ATMs
  • paying bills with or without a 2D bar code
  • quick payments to phonebook contacts
  • overview of loans and savings
Activation of mobile application

Activation of mobile application

To use the PBZ digital banking mobile application, you need to download the PBZ mobile banking application from the AppStore, Google Play store or Huawei AppGallery.

Once you have downloaded the new mobile app, you need the registration codes that can be activated it two ways:

1.  By login into the PBZ digital banking desktop application (using #withKEY, PBZmToken or card reader)

  • in the upper right corner of the desktop application, select the user icon and select Settings
  • a screen opens with the options offered for managing the service and in the Device, select Mobile banking app
  • select Redistribute to create new codes

2. Request the issuance of registration codes at the PBZ branch office

Cardless cash withdrawal from ATMs

Cardless cash withdrawal from ATMs

Forgotten your bank card? #withCASH enables quick and simple cash withdrawals from ATMs using a single one-time authorization code

  • In just a few simple steps - choose the amount, pick the code (which lasts for a limited time and the chosen amount), and withdraw your cash.
  • #withCASH is safe! To ensure maximum security, the code is temporary. It only lasts for 60 minutes.
  • You can use the generated code yourself or you can use the options provided by your mobile device to share it with a person who doesn’t have to be the Bank’s client.


Simple and fun small daily savings without logging into mobile banking app.

Choose the amount and transfer it into your virtual piggy bank.

More about #withSAVE

Quick and safe access

Quick and safe access

Log in to your PBZ mobile banking using only your biometric data, fingerprints or face scan. You can also sign in using the PIN input option to confirm that it is really you.

Mobile token #withKEY

Mobile token #withKEY

There is no more need to worry about where you last left your physical token device or card reader. Use the mobile app’s built-in #withKEY function to access PBZ online banking and authorise internet banking transactions.

  • Find the #withKEY functions directly on the login screen. Enter your PIN or use biometric scanning to create a secure one-time password.
  • Using the #withKEY function, you can get one-time passwords for additional security, since you will need your personal PIN or biometric data to access the function. Every generated one-time password is valid for 90 seconds, after which you can simply request a new one.
Always in the loop

Always in the loop

You want to know when your paycheck is in your account or you want to be notified of the next installment maturity of your loan? It's easy with personalized notifications that keep you in the loop.

Adjust Smart Notification based on your requirements

Regarding your accounts, you can define whether you want to receive payment or payout notifications from your account and adjust the threshold amount above which you will be notified of activities for each account.
As for loans, you can receive reminders on the next installment maturity for your loan.
If you have deposit savings, activate warnings for their expiration. In this way, you can plan in advance and decide on savings reinvestment.
For queuing orders, you can receive a reminder before the payment execution, as well as control the transaction status after the completion date.

Personalise your experience with the bank

Personalise your experience with the bank

Bank experience only for you

Overview and manage your digital banking settings, activate and personalize additional functions or adjust the profile to your needs.
Why wouldn't you upload a profile picture, add a nickname, adjust your settings and chose from a range of functions in a way that suits your needs? Your banking, your way.

Adjust the profile to your needs with the following options: 

  • Enable the Easy transfer function and make transactions and transfer money between your own accounts, without authorizations for each transaction.
  • Adjust the elements of the Main View widget to suit your preferences.
  • Browse and manage transaction limits related to digital banking.
  • Turn on the Quick balance overview and check the current status of your selected account without logging in. You can also sign up for the #withPAY service for easy instant payments.
  • Change your recovery code using the mobile application so that you can renew your user profile on your own.
  • Activate the #withSIGN function and you will have a qualified electronic signature that will allow you to sign up for new banking products digitally.
  • Control your Notifications and decide which alerts you need to track your daily finances.
The simple mobile top-up whenever you need it

The simple mobile top-up whenever you need it

With us, topping up mobile device credit is no problem at all.

When you know you will soon need to top up your mobile device credit, the solution is in your pocket. Simply use PBZ digital banking to buy mobile phone credit for yourself or for family members and friends who need it. You can buy credit for mobile devices from the main mobile operators in Croatia. When using this PBZ mobile banking function, you can immediately activate your mobile phone credit and add a payment to your mobile device account. If you have bought credit for someone else, simply share it through one of a range of channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS or email). 

All your recent mobile device credit purchases are saved automatically so you can copy them when necessary. 

Mobile app reactivation

Mobile app reactivation

If the PBZ mobile app is locked due to multiple entries of a faulty PIN, or if you wish to activate it on another device, the mobile app can be reactivated by entering the User number and Recovery code.
• Download the PBZ mobile banking app from the AppStore or Google Play store
• On the homepage screen of the mobile app, select "App recovery for the existing user?"
• Enter your User Number (assigned to you when contracting the service, also available in Settings and within the #withKEY mobile token)
• Enter the Recovery Code (defined during the first activation of the mobile app)
• Enter the code from the SMS received on your mobile device

New in the App!

  • create your investment plan - contract a standing order to buy shares at the right time intervals and follow the details related to the investment
  • access your investment profile as part of the Investment Counselling service at any time.

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Notice on mandatory upgrade of the mobile app


View the PIN of your cards

How many times have you forgotten your card PIN?

Don't worry, you can now find it in your mobile app!

In the Cards menu (by clicking on the icon with the card symbol), check the PIN for all debit, charge and revolving cards of the PBZ Group that you own.

* PIN display is supported on mobile devices with Android 6.0. iOS 12 and Huawei Android 6 (Marshmellow)

Više nećete zaboraviti PIN svoje kartice - potražite ga u mobilnog aplikaciji! Pogledajte kako!

Remote Offers

Without going to the branch it is possible to:

  • contract and use a particular product or service,
  • change the conditions for certain products and services that you already use

Personalized offers are in the My Offers section and are accepted by signing the document with the advanced electronic signature #withSIGN, which is equally valuable to your own handwriting.

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The simplest way to pay bills
The simplest way to pay bills
  • Prepare your payment slip and log in to the PBZ digital banking mobile app
  • In the Payments menu, choose Scan and pay and scan your 2D bar code on the payment slip
  • If the payment slip does not have a 2D bar code, scan the payment slip counterfoil
  • Check the payment information and confirm the transaction
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The simplest form of payment at a point of sale with Google Pay
The simplest form of payment at a point of sale with Google Pay
  • Check whether the point of sale accepts contactless payment
  • Press your Android mobile device against the contactless POS device and you’re done!
  • Authorise purchases totalling over HRK 100 by unlocking your mobile phone’s screen (using a PIN or biometric data)
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The simplest payments to your contacts
The simplest payments to your contacts
  • Open the PBZ mobile banking app and choose #withPAY on the login screen
  • Choose the phonebook contact you want to pay the money to and set the amount for payment
  • Use your PIN to approve the payment and the payment is done!
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Transfer the funds to the recipient in another bank In just 10 seconds!
Transfer the funds to the recipient in another bank In just 10 seconds!
  • Instant payment orders can be made through PBZ Digital Banking and in PBZ branches
  • Service availability 24/7/365
  • The transaction is made and the funds are available on the recipients’ account within 10 seconds at most (with precondition that the bank of the payer and the bank of the payment recipient are participating in NKSInst payment system)
  • The maximum amount per transaction is HRK 100,000
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  • There is no one-time registration fee.
  • The On-line banking service [PBZ digital banking] enables the use of mobile and Internet banking with a monthly membership fee of HRK 12, which can be reduced based on the Innovation award programme.
How to get your digital banking
Step 1
Find your nearest PBZ BRANCH

List of branches
Step 2
Prepare your PBZ bank card and a valid identity card
Step 3
Contract the digital banking following the steps on the signature pad
Step 4
Activate your new mobile banking via your internet banking

Following the upgrade of the PBZ Digital Banking service (during September 18 and September 19, 2021), a new version of the PBZ Digital Banking mobile app is available.

In order to continue using PBZ mobile banking app it is necessary to update it with new version from app stores: App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery. The availability time of a new app version depends on the individual application store.

Important: Do not delete the mobile banking app when updating. If you delete your PBZ mobile banking app, you need to recover the app with the User number (find it inside #withKEY on the login screen of the mobile app or in Settings-My personal data) and the Recovery Code, without going to the branch. Check your Recovery Code in Settings-Login and Security-Change Recovery Code.

Please check the availability of the new version in the app store depending on the device:

Google Play Store

• type PBZ mobile banking

• select Update


• type PBZ mobile banking

• select Update

Huawei AppGallery

• type PBZ mobile banking

• select Update

Note: In case the new version of the mobile app is not available in the app store, we advise you to click on the PBZ mobile banking icon in order to update the app store.


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