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PBZ non-purpose loans with CPI

Loans with non-purpose loan repayment insurance policy

This is why you’ll like it


Pick the currency, date and manner of repayment yourself


Additional protection in case of inability to pay the loan

Special benefits

Optional deferral of payment for up to 3 months

Take out a PBZ non-purpose loan with CPI
Take out a PBZ non-purpose loan with non-purpose loan repaymnet insurance policy (CPI)
  • Additional protection in the event of inability to pay loan
  • Loan repayment term up to 10 years
  • Instalments enable you to repay your loan with less of an interest burden
Loan users

Loan users

Any physical person (residents) who meet the Bank’s conditions of borrowing.

Credit period and manner of repayment

Credit period and manner of repayment

  • HRK 15,000 to 300,000 or EUR 2,000 to 40,000

The loan amount also depends on the total commitment towards the Bank.

Credit period and manner of repayment

Credit period and manner of repayment

Repayment period

  • with fixed interest rate: from 13 to 120 months
  • with variable interest rate: from 49 do 120 months

Manner of repayment

Choose to repay your loan in equal monthly annuities or monthly installments 

  • the loan user can pick a day of the month on which his/her obligations fall due
  • a non-purpose loan in EUR is repaid in the HRK counter value under the Croatian National Bank’s middle exchange rate for EUR valid on the day of payment

Instalments or annuities?

Installments enable you to repay your non-purpose loan faster and with less interest expense.

Method of loan use

Method of loan use

Disbursement into the loan user’s PBZ account or account in another bank 

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