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Contacts and Useful Links

Contacts and Useful Links

Investor Relations


E-mail: ir@pbz.hr
Address: Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb

Other Contacts


  • call free info telephone: 0800 365 365
  • for calls from abroad: +385 1 489 13 10
  • PBZ central +385 1 636 00 00
  • PBZ fax: +385 1 636 00 63
  • e-mail address: pbz365@pbz.hr
  • or visit your nearest PBZ branch Office 

Useful Links





ECB (European Central Bank)

World Bank Organization

EIB (European Investment Bank)

EBF (European Banking Federation)

IMF (International Monetary Fund)

London Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

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