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Humanitarian projects

We strive to support and initiate numerous humanitarian and educational events and contribute to improving the quality of life of the community.

Projects and initiatives


Humanitarian Project

The American Express card with a heart saw the light of day back in 2008 and in 2019 it is joined by Visa card with heart. It was created to provide aid to extremely important projects for the further growth and development of the community. For each payment transaction made using this card, the PBZ Group donates 1 kuna to the “Doing good every day” project, which helps the Ministry of Health’s “Monitoring children at neurorisk” project and “A better life for children in the social service system” initiated by the Ministry for Demographics, Family, Youth and Social Policy. There are no mandatory initial fees during the first year of use of the American Express card with a heart or Visa card with a heart, and PBZ Card donates HRK 15 from each basic membership and HRK 10 from additional membership from the second year of use. Other American Express or Visa card users can help the cause by donating their reward points. In addition to the above, donations can be made at www.cinimdobro.hr using any American Express, MasterCard, Maestro or Visa card irrespective of the issuing bank. The long-term and ongoing project for helping the community we are active in has also yielded excellent results during 2018. Between the project launch in 2008 and the end of last year, we have raised more than HRK 15 million. By the end of last year, 37 donations had been made in total, including 28 donations to hospitals throughout the country for purchasing medical equipment and nine donations to social welfare institutions for purchasing necessary equipment. During 2018, five new donations were made within the scope of this project to the following users: the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek, “Slava Raškaj” Education Centre in Split, the Children's Hospital in Zagreb, the County Hospital in Čakovec, and the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. You can find detailed descriptions of all the donations on the project website at www.cinimdobro.hr.

cinim dobro svaki dan

Visit the web site "Činim dobro svaki dan."

Financijska edukacija

Inicijativa za povećanje financijske pismenosti

U sklopu međunarodne inicijative Intese Sanpaolo i Muzeja štednje u Torinu „Umjetnost štednje,“ koja je pokrenuta 2017. godine, Privredna banka Zagreb pokrenula je inicijativu u sklopu koje provodi edukativne radionice s ciljem povećanjae fincijke pismenosti djece školskog uzrasta.

Radionice vodi  tim od 50 volontera zaposlenika PBZ-a koji su dosad u više od 50 osnovnih i srednjih škola u dvadeset gradova proveli 210 radionica za djecu uoči obilježavanja Međunarodnoga dana štednje i Europskoga tjedna novca .

Za osnovne škole provode se radionice pod nazivom „Djeca i štednja“ i „Ti odlučuješ“, a od 2018. godine provode se i radionice u srednjim školama pod nazivom "Financijski savjetnik".

Dodatno, u sklopu projekta financijske pismenosti za učenike osnovnih i srednjih škola organizirana je i edukacija "Sigurnost na internetu" te okrugli stol na temu digitalnoga bankarstva

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