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How to pursue a career in the PBZ Group?

How to pursue a career in the PBZ Group?

Internal mobility

When new positions are opened or filled, we also offer the opportunity to our own employees who are looking for a different experience than their current one. By taking part in internal recruitment, our employees build on their previous knowledge and, at the same time, organisational units gain new vigour and strength within their own ranks from individuals who know how the system works, yet provide a new and different perspective.

International experience

Employees of the PBZ Group, member of the great Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, have the option of taking part in the international internal recruitment of the ISP Group, and in that way have an opportunity to gain international experience in the mother bank, or in one of its other members. By working abroad, most often for two years, the employees gain precious expert knowledge, develop their professional competencies, and master foreign languages. The international arrangement is temporary in nature, and with its expiration, the employee is returned to their initial organizational unit within the PBZ Group. By working in an international team, tolerance for diversity, diverse cultures, customs and habits is additionally being developed, which significantly enriches not only the person but also the organization to which they belong. Upon their return to Croatia, and with the sharing of such experiences, our team is becoming stronger in the spirit of tolerance, respect and understanding of clients and colleagues. The knowledge and experience gained, as well as its selfless sharing with colleagues, can be an additional factor for further the advancement of the employee in the PBZ Group. Previous international experiences foster the significant interest of the ISP Group in our employees, but also further applications of our colleagues. Some employees have already returned, some are still in international teams, and some are currently planning to go.

My PBZ story


Office Director in the Zagreb Region

I joined the PBZ team in 2005 and my first job was as a bank clerk after passing the professional exam, I worked as a personal banker, where I gained experience in credit operation and later I worked as shift supervisor where, along with various other assignments, I assisted the office manager in controlling all the business processes and budget realization.I gained my first experience in management in 2007 as the manager of an office with 10 employees, and in 2008, as the office director, I took over the management of a strategic office with 22 employees and the responsibility for the overall business and quality of work, a hundred percent of budget realization, profitability and successful business activity.  My work day is extremely dynamic and includes the application and supervision of all aspects of Retail business, cooperation with colleagues from other Bank departments and conversations with the most demanding clients.  Upon arrival, new employees I am introducing to the business usually first ask what is unique about it. My answer is: 

1. we work with clients

2. we work with their money

3. we handle a lot of information which must be faithfully presented

4. clients have to leave satisfied if we want them to return

The demands of clients and the business environment are getting more and more complex and, therefore, for successful business, continued professional training in general knowledge of banking operations, as well as in the accompanying soft skills and competencies is paramount.  After receiving my degree from the Faculty of Economy in Zagreb, I finished the three-year PBZ Business School and gained another degree in the field of General Management.I completed many programmes in the field of communication and salesmanship, coaching and motivation, and gained the authorisation from HANFA for representing in accordance with the Insurance Act. . I come to work by bicycle and I always leave with a smile.


Risk Management Department Director

I work as the Risk Management Department Director and I’m in charge of a team dealing with rules and processes of decision-making in relation to the Bank’s credit operations. Of course, with internal methodologies and rules of conduct, the focus of activities is the building of information systems that, on the one hand, contain the rules concerning fast and automated decision-making on the basis of internal statistical models, and on the other, also support decision-making in cases of great and more complex loan requests. I was employed by the Bank after receiving a degree from FER, an unusual choice among my student colleagues, but an education in engineering showed itself here as both useful and applicable. I began a structured internship in several of the Bank’s organizational parts and afterwards there was an 18 months period of education and work in the mother firm in Milan. Upon my return in Zagreb, I chose to pursue a career in Risk Management as it seemed interesting, challenging, new and technologically advanced. Every day is a new challenge for me, an opportunity to learn, solve problems and meet new people.I consider the environment in which I work to be the most important part of the job: from colleagues in possession of extraordinary qualities, who help each other and always are ready to accept a new challenge, to supervisors who are there in case something doesn’t go as planned and who encourage enthusiasm and proactivity. In short, with all the intricacies of the profession, at number one are the people around me who make this work worthy of effort.

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