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How to join the PBZ Group?

How to join the PBZ Group?

Selection process

We base the selection of new associates on how their key competences best suit them for individual positions, enabling them to reach their full potential at their new workplace. Different methods are used in the process, in order to ensure that the evaluation of competences is as objective, effective and reliable as possible. Each candidate included in the selection process for a position within the PBZ Group goes through three or more rounds of selection, all of which require that certain criteria be met before the candidate is advanced to the next round. Psychological assessment which includes cognitive abilities tests and a personality questionnaire is conducted in the first round of selection. The next step is an interview with the Human Resources representative, and the managers of the organisational unit which employs the new employee participate in the interview in the third selection round. Depending on the position to be filled, the selection process may additionally include a foreign language test, a test concerning the command of MS Excel, preparation of professional presentations and/or an additional selection interview.

Selection process

Round of selection

Upon completion of the selection process, each candidate who has been included in one of the selection rounds receives feedback. The data of the candidates involved in the selection process remains in the PBZ Group’s database for future tenders. There is a possibility of contacting the candidate again in case of an open position which is in accordance with their professional skill set and interests.

Presentation of the employer

In order to meet potential candidates and present job opportunities and career prospects within the PBZ Group, we cooperate with numerous institutions, higher education institutions, and student associations.

Therefore, the PBZ Group attends career days of many universities throughout Croatia. In the past year, we were available at the Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, Faculty of Science, and at events organised by the eStudent student association. In collaboration with the VIDI magazine, we hold a presentation of PBZ Group’s IT and communication technologies for the best students at universities of technology once a year and give away 100 free annual VIDI magazine subscriptions.

Frequently asked questions

What does PBZ Group’s selection process involve?

The selection process is identical for all candidates and includes psychological testing as a first step and, in most cases, two rounds of selection interviews. For particular tenders there is a need for an additional round that includes assessment of specific knowledge relevant for the open position.

What if I don’t live in Zagreb and I am unable to attend a selection event there?

For all candidates who are unable to take part in the selection process in Zagreb, we arrange an online selection process in the form of psychological testing via our partner site at https://www.careerathand.com/ followed by a Skype interview.

What do psychological tests involve?

Our psychological evaluation includes cognitive abilities tests and a personality questionnaire without focusing on domain-specific knowledge. You can find more information in the “Selection process” section.

How long does a psychological test take?

A psychological test at the Bank’s premises takes about two and a half hours, with about one and a half hours required to complete an online evaluation.

What can I expect after sending an application form to posao@pbz.hr?

If everything is all right with your application, you will receive our thank you message via e-mail. If we need to hire a candidate with your professional skill set, we will contact you in order to include you in the selection process for the open position.

How long do you keep my personal details in your applicant database?

Candidates’ open applications are stored in our database for a period of twelve months. We invite you to resend you application after the expiry of this period to let us know that you are still interested in PBZ Group as an employer. If there are changes to your professional CV, you can also send us an update earlier.

What does a business “dress code” mean?

A business dress code excludes clothes unsuitable for a business environment, jeans, or sportswear, and trainers.

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