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Training and Development

Training and Development

PBZ Business School

We do not leave the improvement of basic business and managerial skills to chance. We have created and implemented one of the longest corporate development programmes in Croatia – the PBZ Business School.
Over a thousand students already developed their core competencies in a structured environment and continue to realise their potential to their own and the Bank's benefit. We are proud of the recognisable corporate culture and business practices we have developed. Engagement, performance, loyalty and promotion are just some of the visible results achieved by the PBZ Business School.
Still, the main advantages of attending the PBZ Business School are connecting with colleagues, expanding the social network, creating friendships, and sharing experiences. That really is our wealth without the price.

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Training and Development

We monitor, support and empower our employees on their career paths.
We provide training opportunities in specialist and managerial directions in accordance with employee's interests.
We are opening up new horizons through co-financing of further employee schooling. We believe that learning and development are an investment, not a cost. Because we know that learning is not achieved by merely listening to lectures, we design development activities using different tools, interactive channels and methods. Take advantage of the stimulating and supportive environment in which “the only constant is change”.

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