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Students in PBZ

Students in PBZ

Scholarships from the STEM area

Privredna banka Zagreb continuously invests in technological development and quality personnel because investment in intellectual capital is the basic precondition of excellence in the quality of services and high competitiveness in the modern banking market.
If you are:

  • an excellent student attending the third or higher years of full-time university study programme of electrical engineering, computing, informatics, science-mathematics and related university study programmes,
  • tempted to work in the banking sector,

you have the opportunity:

  • to make studying easier,
  • to work in a cooperative, innovative and technologically advanced environment after completing the university study programme.

Apply to the competition of Privredna banka Zagreb for awarding scholarships from the STEM area, and if you are selected, you will gain the right to a monthly scholarship during your full-time university study programme amounting 3000 Kuna net throughout the calendar year.
In addition, after completing the university study programme and following the offer from Privredna banka Zagreb, you will enter into a trainee employment relationship exactly in Privredna banka Zagreb.

Details of the competition and its conditions are available at the website http://student.pbz.hr/stipendije/ and https://karijera.pbz.hr/#stipendije.
Apply through link scholarships and send us all your additional questions at the e-mail: stipendija@pbz.hr.

Traineeship in PBZ

Apply the acquired knowledge from school and university in the real sector, in one of the leading banks in Croatia, by performing unpaid traineeship in PBZ.
What to expect:

  •     opportunity to gain first work experiences lasting up to four weeks (160 hours) in various organizational parts of the Bank, taking into account your preferences and interests and current organizational possibilities
  •     experienced, professional and highly qualified mentors
  •     pleasant and stimulating working environment
  •     acquiring new personal and business contacts

In the application we expect you to show us the following:

  •     you are a full-time pupil / student
  •     you have good grades
  •     at least one of your professors recommends you for this traineeship
  •     you are motivated to work in a particular organizational part of the Bank
  •     you are ready to commit yourself to work tasks which will be assigned to you during your traineeship.

When selecting candidates for traineeship, we give preference to pupils/students from the field of economics, especially finance and banking, and students from the STEM area.
Apply through link trainees and send us all your additional questions at the e-mail: praksa@pbz.hr

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