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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

PBZ Kindergarten Čigra

Following the policy of social responsibility and employee care, the PBZ Group by the opening of a corporate kindergarten, in 2012 has entered a narrow circle of employers who strive to provide better working conditions for their employees. The decision of the Bank’s Management Board to co-finance part of the kindergarten programme cost for the children of PBZ Group employees is an additional benefit, which together with the subsidy of the City of Zagreb, making the price of private corporate kindergarten very acceptable. The kindergarten can accommodate a total of 93 children, with more than 80 children enrolled each school year.

PBZ kindergarten Čigra


At the PBZ Group, we recognise the importance of caring for the health of our employees. We have, therefore, since 1995, made available to all our employees the participation in preventive health check-ups every two years. As a part of the Intesa Sanpaolo International Healthcare Programme, all PBZ Group employees have access to the world's most respectable medical experts and treatment at the best clinical centres in the world.
At the PBZ Group, we also organize various sports sections which PBZ Group employees can join and which also enable to our employees to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Key Difference

Privredna Banka Zagreb received the Key Difference Award 2011 in the gender equality category and was, also, one of the finalists in the general equality category. The Bank has, in its award entry, proved real respect, as well as regulating and organising numerous activities aimed at which are directed to true and unlimited supporting of the principle of prohibiting discrimination and principles of respecting all differences based on gender, age, disability or ethnicity. The award is a part of the project “Encouraging Diversity on the Croatian Labour Market” and is awarded by the Human Rights Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, in partnership with the Mobbing Victim Assistance and Training Association and the Institute for Labour Market Development.

Key Difference

Mamforce Recognition

Privredna Banka Zagreb is one of the first Croatian companies that received in 2014 recognition as the MAMFORCE COMPANY® for excellence in implementing family-friendly policies. The tradition of responsible human resources management provides PBZ employees with a broad range of benefits, helps them achieve the ideal work-life balance and promotes the optimum career development.

Mamforce recognition

Social Protection

By creating social security, we want to influence the satisfaction of the Group's employees and thus create good interpersonal relationships that are a precondition for developing a healthy team spirit. The social protection of PBZ Group employees implemented through numerous activities. Through procedures and regulations are clearly stated the conditions and ways of providing employee care in order to protect them against various risks that may arise due to certain life circumstances and situations affecting their social stability and safety. In a broader sense, social protection also covers a wide range of social issues, such as providing assistance to severely ill employees and members of their families or socially vulnerable employees and their families. Within these activities, we provide assistance children of deceased and former employees and provide subsidies for the purchase of school books to our employees who have school-aged children.

PBZ Standard

The main goal of the Association is to create a variety of opportunities for raising the quality of spare time enjoyed by its members. Sports sections cover the entire PBZ network, providing our employees from all over Croatia with the opportunity to participate in organised and group workouts. We organise various sports competitions throughout the year and international competitions organised by the Parent Bank under the slogan “We are Intesa Sanpaolo Group”. As further possibilities of improving the quality of life of our employees, were arranged numerous discounts and benefits with various service providers and shops which our employees can use.

pbz standard

Internal Newspaper PBZXpress

In 2006, the Human Resources Department has in cooperation with the PR & Marketing Department launched the internal gazette – PBZXpress with the aim of improving internal communication within the PBZ Group. PBZXpress is distributed among the entire PBZ Group every month, with each employee personally receiving his or her own copy. PBZXpress is distinguished by its focus on employees who shape it by contributing their suggestions and ideas, at the same time making our employees the authors of articles published in the gazette.


Financial Education

Within the international initiative the Art of Saving launched in 2017 by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Turin Savings Museum to celebrate the World Savings Day, PBZ has formed a team of 50 volunteers who so far in more than 50 primary and secondary schools in twenty cities conducted 210 workshops for children.
The workshops "Children and Savings", and "You Decide" are intended for elementary schools, while the workshop "Financial Advisers" has been held in high schools since 2018. The workshops are conducted by our volunteers on the eve of marking the International Savings Day and European week of money.

In addition to the mentioned activities related to the financial education of youth, we have marked the 2018 World Savings Day, by the new Intesa Sanpaolo initiative named “Risk is a Woman's Job” designed to empower women in making decisions that will increase their financial independence. PBZ has, as a result, organised a workshop bearing the same name for our female colleagues and a round table on “Women and Finance” topic all with the aim of raising the public awareness of the importance of financial empowerment of women, particularly in the area of promoting female entrepreneurship. In addition, we have organized the education "Security on Internet" for elementary school children and a round table on Digital Banking for secondary school's students.

Financial Education
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