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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

Name and surname Fuction Start of the 3-year mandate Independent
Ignacio Jaquotot President 23  April 2019  
Draginja Đurić Deputy President 2 April  2020  
Beata Kissne Foldi Member 23 February 2020 x
Branko Jeren Member 22  April 2019 x
Giulio Moreno Member 30 November 2020  
Luca Leoncini Bartoli Member 26  August 2020  
Christophe Velle Member 18 October 2019  


-  Paolo Vivona resigned from membership in the Supervisory Board effective 26 August 2020

* updated 30 November 2020

Committees of the SB

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