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Additional Health Insurance

Skip the waiting line to your health.

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More protection

Higher standard of health insurance.

No referral

Examination without referral in more then 600 institutions.

No waiting

Medical services in best private clinics, without waiting lists.


Your health

Additional health insurance of Croatia osiguranje provides a higher standard of health care compared to the standard of health care from compulsory health insurance. Privredna banka Zagreb, as an insurance intermediary, enables the contracting of the supplementary health insurance policy of Croatia osiguranje in PBZ branches.

Why should you choose it ?

  • Aditional health insurance provides you with a higher standard of health care compared to compulsory health insurance
  • examinations and tests can be performed without referrals and waiting lists of your choice in more than 600 collaborating healthcare facilities
  • examinations can be performed in Croatia Polyclinics in four regional centers in Zagreb, Split, Pula and Koprivnica
  • performing systematic and specialist examinations and numerous other health services in the best private clinics, without referrals and waiting lists.

Aditional Health insurance covers medical services under one of the two programs: 

  • Primarijus
  • Primarijus Plus

Primarijus program includes:

  • general medical examination
  • specialist and subspecialist examination
  • medical diagnostics
  • endoscopy and laboratory tests

Primarijus Plus program includes:

  • systematic examination (Primarius Plus additionally includes: for women: gynecological examination, vaginal ultrasound and Papanicolau test, breast ultrasound; for men: prostate examination, prostate ultrasound and PSA over 40 years)
  • specialist and subspecialist examination, medical diagnostics
  • endoscopy, laboratory tests
  • hormones and tumor markers, MR, CT
  • medical rehabilitation
  • dental medicine services (the insured is entitled to reimbursement of costs with mandatory participation in the amount of 30% in all services, up to a maximum of HRK 1,000 (132,72 EUR) in the insurance year)
  • service plus up to HRK 1,000 (132,72 EUR) for all services that are not in the basic content of the program; all services must be indicated by a specialist doctor)


  • the insurance premium depends on the access age of the insured and the chosen program, and the more favorable insurance premium can be realized by minor children of the insured parent
  • when contracting a policy, a health questionnaire is filled in; certain diseases and conditions may affect the amount of the premium or make it impossible to contract the policy.
  • for contracting a supplementary health insurance policy, the insured is not obliged to contract supplementary health insurance
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