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Current account in HRK

The key to your finances and receiving numerous benefits from the Bank

Take advantage of the benefits


Up to 40,000 HRK overdraft after receiving the first income payment.


Instalments without fees for up to 36 months at PBZ POS devices.

Simple and quick access to money

Your funds available always and everywhere using Visa Inspire card.

The right choice for your finances

Over 800,000 citizens have shown their trust in the PBZ current account in HRK and the PBZ payment card.

By opening a current account to receive your salary or pension, you can receive many benefits

I am switching to

You have decided to change the bank for your financial operations?

Switching your account to PBZ can now be done quickly and simply!

Visit your nearest PBZ branch, sign the authorisation to switch your account to PBZ and leave the rest to us.

Favorable fees

  • no current account management fee for the first 90 days or 12 months* if you are a user of a PBZ loan and direct your income to a PBZ current account
  • from HRK 5.40 (0,72 EUR) to HRK 9.00 (1,19 EUR) per month, or from HRK 2.70 (0,36 EUR) to HRK 4.50 (0,60 EUR) per month for maintaining a current account for pensioners (payment of a pension on a current account)
  • the amount of the fee is reduced depending on Inovacija package. 
  • no fee for young people 18-25 years. Learn more on PBZ youth

* special benefit until January 31, 2022 for clients who are users of existing or newly contracted PBZ loans and who until January 31, 2022 direct regular income to the existing or newly contracted PBZ current account in HRK. 


Be flexible in case of sudden needs:

  • the possibility of making an overdraft available in the amount of three average six-month regular incomes (salaries/pensions) or in the amount you had in your previous bank up to 40,000.00 HRK.
  • the overdraft is made available from the first day of the following month​​​ for a period of 6 months with the possibility of renewal
  • interest rate on the used amount of the overdraft is 5.94% fixed


  • with overdraft, the possibility of approving installment payments with Visa Inspire card up to 36 installments without interest and fees with a month of postponement for payment of the first installment

Contactless mobile payment

Forget about your wallet, perform daily transactions contactlessly via mobile phone!

Google Pay

Apple Pay

The Visa Inspire Card
The Visa Inspire Card
  • Contactless payment without a PIN up to 250 HRK*
  • Repayment in up to 36 instalments at over 29,000 points of sale
  • Secure Internet shopping
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* Visa Inspire cards issued before 25.5.2020. have a limit of contactless payment without entering a PIN up to 100 kuna.

Availability of money

Money availability

The current account adapts to your needs and allows you to quickly and easily access your money exactly when and where you need it:

With Visa Inspire card

With Visa Inspire card

  • Installment purchases can be made at more than 29,000 points of sale throughout Croatia, with a wide range of offers - from furniture and technical goods, through clothing and footwear, entertainment to travel.
  • The possibility of installment payments of up to 36 installments without interest and fees, depending on the maximum number of installments that can be realized with an individual sales partner, for all or part of the range.
Special offers from partners

Special offers from partners

Currently there are no special offers.

* The convenience of installment repayment can be used by clients who receive regular PBZ current account receipts in HRK and have overdraft.

Secure online shopping

Secure online shopping

Shop safely at online outlets that support the 3D Secure 2 program.
Carry out bank transactions anywhere, at any time with PBZ Digital Banking
PBZ digital banking
Carry out bank transactions anywhere, at any time with PBZ Digital Banking
Use PBZ Digital Banking to control your money 24/7.
Review your account details and check your transaction history.
Transfer money faster and more easily wherever you are and whenever you want.
Activate smart notifications to get information about payments to your account.
PBZ digitalno bankarstvo

Always up to date

Keep track of your balances and transactions with PBZ Digital Banking, anytime, anywhere!
Open your current account
Step 1
Find your nearest PBZ branch

List of branches
Step 2
Prepare your valid identity card
Step 3
Fill out the required documentation and contract
Step 4
You can empower one or more persons to dispose of the funds
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