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PBZ housing loans with a government subsidy

If you are interested in the loan and you meet the conditions prescribed by the Law, we invite you to contact the nearest PBZ branch for more detailed information and realization of the loan.

Loan terms

Privredna banka Zagreb has prepared a special offer of housing loans with a government subsidy intended for the purchase of an apartment / house or building a house, according to the Law on Subsidizing Home Loans and its Amendments (OG 65/17, 61/18 and 66/19).

  • In the first five years of repayment, the state subsidizes from 30% to 51% of the monthly installment or annuity, and the percentage of the subsidy depends on the development index of the place where the property is bought or built.
  • If the applicant or a member of his household has children who, at the time of the conclusion of the home loan subsidy contract, are not older than 18 years, further subsidized loan for one year for each child.
  • The loan subsidy period can be extended by two years for each live born or adopted child during the loan subsidy period.

  • If the applicant or a member of his household has a disability greater than 50% of the physical impairment or is determined to be in the course of the loan subsidy, the loan subsidy period is further extended by two years.

Loan users

Loan users

Natural persons resident in the Republic of Croatia who, at the time of application, are not older than 45 years and who, or whose spouse, spouse, life partner or informal life partner (hereinafter: spouse):

  • they do not own an apartment / house or who own only one apartment / house which is in such a state of usability that there are basic hygienic and technical conditions for living, and which / which they sell for the purchase of a larger apartment / house, or construction of a house because of the needs of their own housing
  • if the client / spouse is buying a larger apartment or house, the existing property should be sold within 2 years

If the loan user is in a marital / non-marital union, his or her spouse is a mandatory participant in the loan if he / she is not a co-borrower.

Special benefits

Special benefits

  • without the cost of real estate appraisal
  • discount on multi-year property insurance (Croatia insurance or Generali insurance) for the entire duration of the property insurance policy
Flexibility with a choice

Flexibility with a choice

  • loan in kuna or with a currency clause in euro
  • not required client status
  • loan repayment method: in equal monthly annuities or monthly installments
  • lrepayment date: any day of the month

  • repayment period: 15 to 30 years

  • loan amount: up to 2.300.000 HRK / 350.000 EUR for the purchase of real estate, apartment or house (maximum subsidized loan amount is 100.000 EUR or up to 1.500 EUR per m2 of net usable area of the apartment / house)

The amount of the subsidy loan can also include a down payment to the client.

Special offer until 30.9.2019.

More favorable conditions for approving standard non-purpose loans: lower interest rate (fixed portion of variable interest rate and / or lower fixed interest rate) by 1.5 p.p. from the current interest rates for standard non-purpose loans*

* Note: new non-purpose loan can also be used for early repayment: existing loans made in other banks or non-purpose loans in PBZ. If a new non-purpose loan is used for the purpose of early repayment (refinancing) of an existing non-purpose loan realized in PBZ, the loan repayment amount may be up to 60% of the new non-assigned loan.

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