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Protection of people comes first

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. is conducting business regularly and without interruption and, as a socially responsible institution, it took and is taking all necessary steps and prevention measures to ensure smooth operation and continuous availability of products and services to all its clients. Due to the current situation and more rigorous preventive measures of coronavirus (COVID-19) protection, we recommend that clients use our ATM network and digital banking services whenever possible in the following period.

We place the protection of people first, we care for our clients and employees and are paying close attention to the further development of the situation and recommendations of the authorities.


If your presence at a branch office is necessary due to a more complex transaction, we kindly ask that you comply with the recommendations and measures of the competent health services.

Latest information on the branch office working hours can be found at the link.

More detailed instructions on going to a branch office

  • Persons who have been ordered a measure of self-isolation must not come to the branch office.
  • If you have any symptoms of a respiratory disease, please do not go to branch offices in order to protect the health of other citizens, Bank clients and employees.
  • Please wait your turn outside the branch office.
  • Keep your distance! - Keep a safe distance from other people.
  • Avoid shaking hands and physical contact with other persons.
  • Use hand disinfectants.
  • At the entrances into branch offices, there are important information for clients - recommendations for responsible behaviour.

In the coming period, whenever possible try to use ATMs and PBZ Digital Banking service with which you can:

  • withdraw cash without card at PBZ ATMs using #withCASH functionality
  • make contactless payments using Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • keep track of the balance and turnover of your accounts, cards and deposits
  • pay bills and perform kuna and foreign currency payment transactions
  • contract savings, pay the loan installment, or credit card charges
  • buy GSM vouchers of mobile carriers

More information on PBZ Digital Banking functionalities can be found here.


Pursuant to the guidelines of the Croatian National Bank on emergency conditions of business and in order to gain easier access to money, in the period from March 25 and June 30 2020 the Banke temporarily suspended the fees for cash withdrawal with PBZ debit cards from ATMs of different banks in the Republic of Croatia. 

This measure ceased to be applied from July 1 2020 and since then the fee for cash withdrawals with PBZ debit cards from ATMs of different banks in the Republic of Croatia has been charged again in accordance with the Bank`s Tariff.

Cash withdrawal with PBZ debit cards is still free of charge at ATMs of Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.


In order to reduce physical contact, we have provided our clients with the following options:

  1. Visa Inspire through Google Pay for Android smartphones, that is Apple Pay for iOS devices for contactless payment without limit.
  2. Visa Inspire Sticker without PIN up to 250 HRK.
  3. Pay contactless with a physical Visa Inspire card without PIN up to 250 HRK.*
  4. Pay with your PBZ Card Premium Visa card without a PIN up to 250 HRK.

Note: due to the adjustment of the entire card system threre are possible deviations in the amount necessary for PIN authentication.

* Visa Inspire cards issued before 25.5.2020. have a limit of contactless payment without entering a PIN up to 100 HRK.


In order to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, PBZ enables the deferral of payment (moratorium) for all loan users with regular payments who have experienced a deterioration of their financial situation or total revenue loss.

Deferral of loan payment


We emphasize that we began with the first preventive measures early (February 24), when we sent instructions to our employees on the measures to be adhered to and consistently implemented:

  • We immediately cancelled and stopped all business trips abroad.
  • We warned employees to stop all private trips abroad.
  • We distributed hand disinfectants.
  • We enabled work from home for employees that can perform their regular work from outside of the office (smart working).
  • All planned business activities and meetings are held regularly, through online communication, conference calls, Skype.
  • ATMs in branch offices are disinfected regularly.

PBZ Group - Change initiator

We always try to participate in positive changes in the society, helping those who need help the most. Now, at a time of increased activities for infective disease treatment, we have recognised the importance and need for that on time, and at the beginning of February of this year, we have donated one million kunas to the Infectious Diseases Clinic "Dr. Fran Mihaljević" in Zagreb.

More information on donations at: https://pbzblog.pbz.hr/donaciju-od-milijun-kuna-pbz-donirala-klinici/

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