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Gold and silver coins

Achieving long-term value by investing.

This is why you’ll like it


The symbol of long-term value

Appropriate for gifting

A valuable and original gift for different occasions


You can choose different motifs of historical events

Long-term value

For centuries, coins have been reflecting the riches and the power of the countries in which they were coined, making them a significant part of their history.

Invest in long-term values and acquire coined money, gold and silver coins, whose motifs will always remind you of the great events in our people’s history.

All gold and silver coins, as well as individual sets, can be bought at all PBZ branch offices.


Appropriate for gifting

All gold and silver coins are packed into deluxe boxes lined with plush fabric, making them a valuable and original gift for different occasions.


If the branch office doesn`t currently possess numismatics, it can be ordered and delivered to a specific branch. For more information on how to order, contact the branch staff.


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