Initial deposit

You are establishing an association, foundation or a cooperative? Did you know that, along with other documents, you should also submit a Certificate of payment of the founding deposit?

PBZ provides payment of founding deposit and you can contact us at the nearest PBZ Branch Office.

Founding deposit should be paid on the basis of the Articles of Incorporation and should be certified by a notary public.
If a domestic physical or legal entity is the founder:

  • A full copy of the letter Founding deposit payment – recapitalization should be presented to an employee in a bank office or an employee of FINA or another bank if the funds are paid by transfer from an account or by payment at FINA or at another bank. 

If a foreign entity is the founder:

  • Foreign persons pay the founding deposit/recapitalization by payment from abroad
  • On the basis of payment from abroad, the bank issues a certificate of payment of the founding deposit/recapitalization to a client

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. (SWIFT PBZGHR2X) receives payments of founding deposits from abroad in favour of founding deposit account number:
2550val-MBK (foreign currency payment)
2491000004-MBK (payment in HRK – through loro accounts of foreign banks and non-resident accounts).

Ordering Customer

  • It should be a person from the Articles (act) of Incorporation (full name and address)
  • If the payment is made by another person, it should be indicated that the payment is made in the name of the founder (founder's name)


  • The exact name of the established company (full name and address) or the one that is recapitalized

Details of Payment

  • The founding capital or an increase in the founding capital (amount in HRK)

A Certificate of payment of the founding deposit/recapitalization can be issued at PBZ Sinergo desk, and for issuing a Certificate, the following should be enclosed:

  • The founding document/Articles of Incorporation (submit a certified original for review, we keep a copy)
  • An original deposit slip and a confirmation of a paid fee for payment of the founding deposit
  • A copy of the founding deposit payer’s identity card.

Return of the founding deposit is paid to the account at PBZ after registration at the Commercial Court or another competent institution.

When opening a business account, a legal person is obliged to submit to PBZ original documents that prove that the process of registration is carried out:

  • The ruling on the entry into adequate registry of legal entities
    Companies: Entry into the court register of the Commercial Court according to the headquarters of the legal entity
    Foundations: Entry into the foundation registry at the Ministry of Public Administration
    Associations: Entry into the registry of associations
  • Notification of business entity's classification according to the National Classification of Activities of the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Review of the signature of the person authorised to represent the company (identity card, passport)

Additional information you can find:

  • visit nearest PBZ Sinergo desk
  • on free info telephone 0800 PBZ COM (0800 729 266)
  • on e-mail address:
  • or contact your client relations manager.