Huge benefits for small-sized entrepreneurs.

Each package was carefully tailored in order to provide for you a support in everyday business operations. In addition to services of managing payment operations, which are a part of the standard offer, we also included various discounts and benefits in the packages, and, what should be especially noted, innovative insurances against various risks threatening every entrepreneur.
We believe that among the offered Sinergo packages you will find the package exactly corresponding to your needs and requirements. 

Sinergo Standard

Intended for medium sized entrepreneurs requiring a reliable service of managing payment operations and mobile banking as well as additional insurance against loss of card.

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Sinergo Plus

Intended for more experienced entrepreneurs who, in addition to all benefits of Sinergo Standard package, due to the scope of business operations, require internet banking as well as insurance against loss of card and insurance against cybercrime.

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Sinergo Premium

Intended for more experienced entrepreneurs who are continuously expanding their business operations and who, in addition to all benefits of Sinergo Plus package, require an additional insurance against accident and discount on the fee for processing the loan.

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PBZ Info services

You can monitor the balance and activities on your business account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the PBZ Info Service and a free PBZInfoCard.

You can get a free PBZInfoCard when you open a business account or subsequently when you request it.

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