Terms of Service

All information on how to fill out payment orders for payment in HRK and foreign currency, information on the use of electronic banking and principles for setting interest rates, the manners and dynamic of calculating interests on loans and deposits with PBZ, services fees on domestic and foreign currency payment transactions, etc., can be found in the documents under the Terms and conditions section.

Freezing the Account

If your account gets frozen and you provide funds for settlement on the same day, FINA may withdraw the blockade and not a single freezing of the account will be recorded in the system.

What’s important is for the funds to be paid into the account by 12 PM!

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Treasury Division

The Treasury Division is one of the leading players in the Croatian market, which offers a broad range of financial solutions to major corporate clients and institutional investors. It provides a comprehensive range of services which include transactions in the domestic and international money markets, foreign exchange markets, capital markets and management of the bank’s liquidity.

For more information about the Tresury Division please click here.

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