In order to facilitate your business activities, we have prepared special packages for you. Choose a package according to your needs.

PBZ Sinergo packages

Save time and money by choosing PBZ Sinergo or PBZ SinergoPlus business package. Arrange Sinergo package at your nearest PBZ Sinergo desk, you just have to fill in, certify and sign the application form.

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PBZ packages for small businesses (trades)

You are a tradesmen and you have a PBZ business account? In order to facilitate your businesses activities, we have prepared for you special PBZ packages for tradesmen at affordable prices.

Choose and arrange the PBZ package for tradesmen through the Application Form and receive special benefits.

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PBZ Info services

You can monitor the balance and activities on your business account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the PBZ Info Service and a free PBZInfoCard.

You can get a free PBZInfoCard when you open a business account or subsequently when you request it.

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