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A wide range of PBZ activities on the occasion of World Savings Day

In Zagreb, 29 October 2018 - Within the international initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo and Museum of Saving in Turin The Art of Saving, Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. (PBZ) will continue to organize workshops in schools to mark World Savings Day. The workshops Children and Savings and It's Up to You will be organized for primary schools, as well as the new The Financial Advisor workshops for secondary schools. During October, around 30 PBZ volunteers will hold over 60 workshops in primary and secondary schools around Croatia.

 It should be noted that during The Art of Saving initiative, which was initiated last year with the participation of international subsidiary banks of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, PBZ formed a team of around 50 edu-volunteers who have so far organized 114 workshops in 34 primary schools in 15 towns.

 Apart from activities involving the financial education of the young, this year we have marked World Savings Day on 31 October with Intesa Sanpaolo’s new initiative with the title Risk is Business for Women directed at empowering women in making decisions that will increase their financial independence. This is why, in mid-October, PBZ organized the workshop Risk is Business for Women, where female participants were presented with the results of a survey on how women cope with taking on risk. The participants also had the opportunity to participate in practical exercises where they made financial decisions and got to know the basic principles of financial and investment planning.

Therefore, on 29 October, PBZ will organize a roundtable entitled "Women and Finances" with the goal of raising public awareness of the importance of the financial empowerment of women, in particular encouraging female entrepreneurship, which is still insufficiently developed. For this occasion, we have invited some very inspiring female speakers to the roundtable, women who are successful in their field and who will share their experience with other participants on topics that speak of why women are less prone to risk-taking, how the roles of women have changed through history and how to break myths concerning women and finances.  The roundtable will have 30 representatives from numerous educational and business institutions and associations.

 "PBZ has, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, agreed to participate in the initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo promoting the value of financial education, in particular, among the young, as well as the importance of the financial empowerment of women. There has been a great response from numerous schools and from our employees, who participated as volunteers and organized workshops across the country, and I do believe that the initiative The Art of Saving, which has produced valuable results so far, will continue to expand and develop even more," said Dinko Lucić, the President of the MB.