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With the donation to CHC Zagreb, PBZ Group celebrated the 10th anniversary of the project "Doing Good Every Day"

Zagreb, December 18th, 2018 – With a donation amounting to HRK 243,750.00, PBZ Group celebrated the jubilee anniversary of its humanitarian project “Doing Good Every Day” and American Express Heart card. This donation to the CHC Zagreb enabled the purchase of new-borns ventilation devices to be used by the Clinic for Female Diseases and Births. The project “Doing Good Every Day” and the American Express Heart Card were created by the Group in 2008 in order for the Group to provide continuous support to its community. 

Through the Project “Doing Good Every Day”, PBZ and PBZ Card provide their support to two significant projects for the benefit of children and young people: “Monitoring Children Exposed to Neurological Risks”, launched by the Ministry of Health and “For a Better Life for Children in Social Care Homes”, launched by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, in a way that for every transaction made with American Express Card with a Heart it donates one Croatian Kuna, without additional cost for its users. The funds raised are donated to these projects in 50:50 ratio. 

Through this Project, the PBZ Group has so far collected15 million HRK and has participated in 37 donations, including 28 donations to the paediatric departments and children hospitals in the Republic of Croatia for the purchase of modern medical equipment and 9 donations to the social welfare institutions for the purchase of the equipment needed. 

“We want to express our gratitude to PBZ Group for this valuable donation within the project Doing Good Every Day”. Each donation contributes to overall better functioning of the system, provides better working conditions for doctors and a better outcome of the treatment of our youngest patients. For the CHC Zagreb, each patient is in the centre of attention, especially the youngest patients, and we have used this donation of PBZ to buy new-borns ventilation device to be used by the Department for Female Diseases and Births and thus provide the best diagnosis and treatment of the smallest patients, said Ante Ćorušić, PhD, Director of CHC Zagreb

“It makes me proud and happy that we, by means of funds collected through our project “Doing Good Every Day” provided aid to the CHC Zagreb - Clinic for Female Diseases and Births. Throughout the year, we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of our project by granting series of donations for the benefit of children and young people, including donations to paediatric departments of the hospitals in Osijek, Čakovec, Clinic for Children’s Diseases Zagreb and Slava Raškaj Centre. Today, in this pre-festive environment, we rounded it up with a donation to CHC Zagreb to enable a safer beginning of life for our youngest fellow citizens – new-borns. In the ten years of our project, we raised HRK 15 million and provided with these funds 37 donations to paediatric departments and children hospitals and social care homes in 25 cities and 19 counties” said Dinko Lucić, the President of the Management Board of Privredna Banka Zagreb.


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