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The Rehabilitation Centre “Mala Terezija” in Vinkovci received a van with a ramp

Zagreb, February 28, 2019 - The van with the ramp, which will enable safer and better transport of the Rehabilitation Centre "Mala Terezija” in Vinkovci, is a new donation of the PBZ Group, which continued the project "Doing Good Every Day". The donation amounting to HRK 280,214.53, as needed for the purchase of the van with the ramp, was presented today to the Rehabilitation Centre in Vinkovci by PBZ Group representatives. Through this donation, within its Project "Doing Good Day Every Day", aimed at helping children and young people throughout the country, PBZ Group has started a series of donations to be implemented in 2019, which will include social welfare institutions in Ivanec and Karlovac and paediatric departments of the hopitals in Sisak, Bjelovar and other Croatian cities.   he Rehabilitation Centre "Mala Terezija" is a social welfare institution, established in 2004. Today it provides accommodation services, full-day and half-day stay, psychosocial support, early intervention and organised housing for adults and children with disabilities, a total of 200 beneficiaries. Users of accommodation services and organized housing are picked up daily from their family homes, and beneficiaries of to various activities in the local community are transported to medical examinations, trips, competitions and trips.  

Thanks to the funds collected for the Project "Doing Good Every Day", PBZ Group supports two national projects for children and youth: “For a Better Life for Children in Social Care Homes” initiated by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and “Monitoring the Children Exposed to Neurological Risks” initiated by the Ministry of Health, in a way that for every transaction made with American Express Card with a Heart it donates one Croatian Kuna, without additional cost for its beneficiaries.  Through this Project, the PBZ Group has so far collected 15.5 million HRK and has participated in 38 donations, including 28 donations to the hospitals in the Republic of Croatia for the purchase of the necessary medical equipment and 10 donations to the social welfare institutions for the purchase of the equipment needed.   

"It makes me very happy that through our project "Doing Good Every Day", we have helped the Rehabilitation centre Mala Terezija in Vinkovci. Hopefully the new van with the ramp shall provide beneficiaries of this Centre with safe transportation to their families, therapies and various other facilities, facilitate their day-to-day life as they today cheered us with their warm and hearty welcome. We have entered the eleventh year of the Project “Doing Good Every Day”, for which we have prepared the new donations to children's hospitals and social welfare institutions to provide aid to the most vulnerable groups of our society: just born children, children without adequate parental care, and children and young people with developmental difficulties. This year's donations will include some cities in which we have not been active with our project such as Vinkovci, Sisak, Bjelovar and others", said Mislav Blažić, PBZ Card’s Management Board Chairman.