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Additional funds for liquidity

Loans to retain financial liquidity

What Measure has to offer?

Preserving economic activity

Additional funds for working capital

Cooperating with promotional banks


The safety of clients and employees

The online submission of the application for liquidity

Measure for financial liquidity

In order to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus and in accordance with the measures of the Government of the Republic of Croatia of 17 March and the guidelines of the Croatian National Bank, we have prepared a second package of Measures for legal entities and craftsmen, which is connected to the option of additional funds for liquidity (loans to retain financial liquidity).

Measure - Loans to retain financial liquidity

  • New loan funds for working capital

Steps for submitting the Application to retain financial liquidity:

  • Appying at the FINA online portal for Additional liquidity measure (Mjera dodatne likvidnosti) (the first measure) and selecting the PBZ bank for realisation
  • The Bank will inform you by email when the Application is received, after FINA forwards it, and on the initial acceptance of the Application
  • If your Application is accepted, you will need to download and fill out the Loan Application and Questionnaire forms found on this website below and deliver them together with the financial report for 2019 to your client relations manager
  • After processing the submitted data, the Bank will deliver an indicative offer and a list of the required documentation for processing the Application (created based on your Application and pursuant to the requirements of the Programme with promotional banks and support institutions) in the shortest possible time
  • If you find the offer acceptable, you need to confirm it by delivering the requested financial and other documentation necessary for processing the Application (stated in the indicative offer)

After processing and a positive Decision, a Loan Contract is signed and the client will need to deliver the contracted insurance instruments, as well as documents on the use of the loan for a specific purpose to the Bank.

For additional information on Measure, please contact your client relations manager and follow the notices on this website where all new information will be available.

Protection is important. We communicate online.

Privredna banka Zagreb is continuously taking all the necessary actions and preventive measures and we believe that this is how we will ensure seamless work and service availability together through alternative communication channels.

Use the option of additional funds for liquidity
Step 1
Register on the FINA online portal, select PBZ for implementation
Step 2
The bank informs you by email about the received request
Step 3
Fill out the Request and Questionnaire downloaded from this page
Step 4
The Bank submits indicative bid
Step 5
Delivery of documentation for contracting loans and use of funds
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