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Loan moratorium and reprogramming

The possibility of deferring the payment of credit obligations.

What Measure has to offer?

Deferral of principal, interest payment

For all legal entities and craftsmen, payment deferral up to 6 months

Loan reprogramming for tourism

Additional help for the payment of existing long-term loans

Simplicity of processes

The online submission of the application for a moratorium

Payment delays

In order to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus and in accordance with the measures of the Government of the Republic of Croatia of 17 March and the guidelines of the Croatian National Bank, the PBZ Bank has enabled legal entities and craftsmen deferred payment of credit obligations (Measure moratorium) and loan reprogramming.

It was possible to realise the Application for moratorium in April, entirely through our online communication channels, i.e. without a physical presence at the Bank's premises.

Clients who did not submit the Application for the deferred payment of credit obligations in April can still do so, bearing in mind that the processing of that Application will be based on the standard credit process.

Loan reprogramming for activities severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemics

The Bank has enabled loan reprogramming for legal entities and craftsmen:

  • operating in tourism activities
  • connected to tourism (over 50% of their revenue in 2019 was from tourism)
  • and activities strongly affected by the seasons (over 50% of their revenue was produced from 1 June to 30 September 2019)

Application for reprogramming can be submitted for loans contracted by 29 February 2020, as follows:

  • long-term loans where the repayment term is extended by up to 12 months
  • short-term loans approved solely for the purpose of preparing for the tourist season, where the payment from summer months in 2020 is transferred to the summer months in 2021

The contracted interest rate remains the same, and the calculated interest during the reprogramming period is due as a one-off payment on 30 June 2021. 
The fees from the processing of the Application are 0.3% of the amount of undue principal, charged one-time, in advance

The online submission of the Application for reprogramming:

  • Applying on the FINA online portal for the Measure of reprogramming (Mjera reprograma) and selecting the PBZ bank for realisation
  • After applying on the FINA online portal, the submission, processing and contracting of the reprogramming is further performed at the PBZ Bank
  • For Application analysis, you will need to download and fill in the Loan Application and Questionnaire forms found at the bottom of this webpage in the Documents (Dokumenti) section and deliver them with the 2019 financial report to your client relations manager
  • Based on the Bank's assessment of each client individually, additional documentation can be requested

For additional information on the Measure of reprogramming, please contact your client relations manager and follow the notices on this website where all new information will be available.


Protection is important, let’s communicate online

Privredna banka Zagreb is continuously taking all necessary actions and preventive measures and we believe that this is how we will ensure seamless work and service availability together through alternative communication channels.

Use the option of reprogramming exiting loans
Step 1
Apply on the FINA portal for loan reprogramming
Step 2
Select the PBZ Bank as the credit institution
Step 3
Complete the Application and Questionnaire downloaded from website
Step 4
Deliver additional documents for reprogramming approval
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