By using a widespread subsidiary network in Croatia, PBZ Group and Intesa Sanpaolo Group synergy, including a developed correspondence network, Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d. supports its partners and clients alike – a bank for all their business areas.

Regardless of whether you are a foreign bank or a Croatian bank, the following products and services will be at your disposal:

  • Transaction Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Export Finance
  • Funding
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Treasury 
  • Investment Banking

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Transaction banking

Privredna Banka Zagreb offers you numerous products and transaction banking services: 

  • transaction account (HRK account; foreign currency accounts and/or multi-currency accounts)
  • payment operations
  • Global Cash Management 
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Trade finance

We offer the following products and services as support for your business and the business of your clients with business partners in Croatia:

  • issuing warranties to domestic and foreign users based on counter-guarantees by domestic and foreign banks or via Business Cooperation Agreements;
  • acceptance and transfer of warranties without any obligations for the Bank;
  • checking and verifying warranty authenticity;
  • expert opinion on accepted warranty;
  • expert assistance in writing warranty text;
  • issuing super-warranties;
  • confirmation of letters of credit from abroad;
  • confirmation of letters of credit which are opened or are to be opened by a third bank; 
  • trust management regarding documented payments (protest of bill of exchange, presenting promissory notes until requirement fulfilment);
  • syndication of letter of credit and warranties.
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Export Finance

Please, see below the type of programmes we offer as support for your export business.

Export Finance business includes:

  • Buyer's credit;
  • Export forfaiting;
  • Export factoring.
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In accordance with your needs, PBZ can offer you financing via interbank loans or organize syndicate loans if the loan amount and requirements dictate the inclusion of more than one bank.

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Escrow account

An escrow account is one in which the contracting parties in a commercial agreement (the client in relation to the Bank), deposits an escrow with a bank (the bank as broker), money, securities or document which are kept on deposit, in that the bank is authorized to pay out the deposited money or document to the other contracting party (the beneficiary), under the conditions established by the escrow contract between the bank and the escrow agent, the client and the beneficiary.

This is a trust account, which serves to settle claims from which payment is made only after certain conditions have been met. It serves to offer services of brokerage when conducting monetary transactions which are conditioned by the completion of specific actions, which are proven by presentation of the contract documents.

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The Treasury Division is one of the leading players in the Croatian market, which offers a broad range of financial solutions to major corporate clients and institutional investors. It provides a comprehensive range of services which include transactions in the domestic and international money markets, foreign exchange markets, capital markets and management of the bank’s liquidity.

For more information about the Tresury Division please click here.

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Investment banking

Privredna banka Zagreb is the no. 1 bank in the Republic of Croatia when it comes to investment banking. Through long-term knowledge and gained experience, our professional team has developed a range of products and services for both local and foreign clients. Among the most important services for companies are offer implementation, i.e. financial instrument sale with/without purchase obligation, custody service, deposit bank service, mediation in purchase service and securities sale, structured finance, financial counselling and analysis, which are offered not only to companies, but also to citizens.

For more information on investment banking business, please see here.

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