We offer a vast range of financing programmes.

For more information, please see below or see PBZ Sinergo desk, contact you client relationship manager, call our toll-free info number 0800 PBZ COM (0800 729 266) or contact us at our email address:

Short-term loans

Please see our offer of short-term loans (allowed overdraft on HRK business account and multi-purpose revolving loans).


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Long-term loans

Please see our offer of long-term loans and other packages in our special programmes.

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Lombard loans

Lombard loans are granted based on a deposit or fiduciary transfer of ownership of high quality securities. During the loan you still exercise your ownership and material rights that arise from the securities.

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Buyer's loan

Exporters, in particular exporters of capital equipment, know that, apart from quality and price, a buyer on the international market decides on a supplier, almost as a rule, based on the payment requirements, i.e. loan requirements offered by the sellers. PBZ is the first business bank in the Republic of Croatia to have recognized the importance of providing loans abroad to support Croatian export sector in the market competition for large foreign projects and, in 2000, granted the first buyer's loan in the Republic of Croatia.

Buyer's Credit is a loan intended as support and promotion of export, used by PBZ, as the bank of the exporter, to grant loans to the importer's bank/the importer insured from commercial and political risks by insurance policy issued by the HBOR, the Croatian export credit agency, in favour of PBZ. The loan is used to finance export of goods and services of Croatian origin.

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Consumer loans

PBZ has enabled craftsmen and company owners to purchase goods and services via our consumer loan. The amount of the loan that can be granted is between EUR 500 and 10,000.

Contract a consumer loan at your nearest PBZ Branch Office.

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Special loan programs

Upgrade your business and become a part of the entrepreneurship world. PBZ will help you with that by preparing loan programmes just for you in order to increase small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Framework lines

Short-term framework lines may include warranties, documentary letters of credit, letters of intent and credits that enable flexible and quick solutions to clients’ business requirements.

Framework lines are particularly significant if you have a frequent need for the above products, which, in turn, require realisation in a very short period of time.

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Export Finance

Please, see below the type of programmes we offer as support for your export business.

Export Finance business includes:

  • Buyer's credit;
  • Export forfaiting;
  • Export factoring.
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Trade finance

We offer the following products and services as support for your business and the business of your clients with business partners in Croatia:

  • issuing warranties to domestic and foreign users based on counter-guarantees by domestic and foreign banks or via Business Cooperation Agreements;
  • acceptance and transfer of warranties without any obligations for the Bank;
  • checking and verifying warranty authenticity;
  • expert opinion on accepted warranty;
  • expert assistance in writing warranty text;
  • issuing super-warranties;
  • confirmation of letters of credit from abroad;
  • confirmation of letters of credit which are opened or are to be opened by a third bank; 
  • trust management regarding documented payments (protest of bill of exchange, presenting promissory notes until requirement fulfilment);
  • syndication of letter of credit and warranties.
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Escrow account

An escrow account is one in which the contracting parties in a commercial agreement (the client in relation to the Bank), deposits an escrow with a bank (the bank as broker), money, securities or document which are kept on deposit, in that the bank is authorized to pay out the deposited money or document to the other contracting party (the beneficiary), under the conditions established by the escrow contract between the bank and the escrow agent, the client and the beneficiary.

This is a trust account, which serves to settle claims from which payment is made only after certain conditions have been met. It serves to offer services of brokerage when conducting monetary transactions which are conditioned by the completion of specific actions, which are proven by presentation of the contract documents.

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PBZ Factoring

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. performs all kinds of factoring jobs on the domestic and international market. We provide entrepreneurs with financing, billing and claim management services, with the application of top standards for domestic and international factoring.

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