Syndicated loans

For several consecutive years PBZ has been the leading bank in the Croatian syndicated loan market. Over the past two years PBZ has intensified its activities in the international syndicated loan market, where, together with renowned foreign banks, it has arranged and organised syndicates for Croatian and foreign clients, in the capacity of the Mandated Lead Arranger.

In 2005, PBZ received the prestigious award ''The best debt house in Croatia'' for its activities in the syndicated loan market, and in 2007 the ''Euromoney's award for excellence'' for the largest ever syndicated loan arranged in the Republic of Croatia (INA d.d. in the amount of USD 1 billion).


Syndicated loans are a special form of loans involving two or more first class banks as lenders, each with a share in the loan, one of them acting as the agent. The agent is responsible for coordinating relations between the Borrower and all participating banks, which includes collecting, placing and repaying of the funds to the lenders. Borrowers are able to obtain in an easier and quicker way, a facility of a larger amount through a simpler borrowing process, as the financing terms and conditions are covered by a unified set of documents. Also, borrowers benefit from communicating with only one bank, rather than a number of banks separately.

Syndicated loans are usually granted to first-class clients whose excellent business results make them attractive partners to both foreign and domestic investors.

PBZ is one of the leading banks in the area of syndicated project financing in the Republic of Croatia and is ready to support such projects via loans in which a borrower is a newly established company. Such loans are serviced out of future profits generated by the project.

Such financing may be related to, for instance, the production of energy from renewable energy sources, the construction of shopping centres, etc.