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Perform your financial tasks cheaper and faster by using the PBZCOM@NET online banking service. You are required to have a computer with internet access and you will be able to access your business account using a smart card or a USB device. Set up the PBZCOM@NET service with your client relations manager or at the PBZ Sinergo desk.

Fill out, validate and sign your Application Form and Request.

Features and functionalities of mPBZCOM services:

  • overview of the balance and daily transactions on transactions accounts (for HRK and foreign currency component)
  • forming payments (national payments in HRK) according to delegated authority
  • forming orders from templates
  • scanning slips with a printed 2D bar code
  • overview of orders by compartments pursuant to authorization
  • the ability to send a PDF confirmation for each payment to a desired e-mail address
  • insight into arrears with the ability to make a payment
  • purchase, sale and conversion of foreign currency at a regular rate
  • overview of exchange rates
  • access to contact information (contact person, phone, e-mail, web)
  • receiving information and notifications

How can I become a mPBZCOM user?

  • you need to be the owner, representative or a person authorized by the owner or representative of the business at PBZ
  • contract the service at the PBZ Sinergo Desk
  • download the identifier and the initial password to activate the mPBZCOM service
  • install the mPBZCOM software on your cell phone

Using the mPBZCOM application is completely safe, as confirmed by the safety ISO 27001:2005 certificate, because:

  • by installing the mPBZCOM software on your cell phone you install a token which guarantees complete security of operations
  • the mPBZCOM software is automatically turned off after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • the mPBZCOM software is automatically locked after three consecutive incorrect entries of the activation code or PIN
  • the mPBZCOM app is used with a PIN which is known only to the user, thus in case of theft or loss of the cell phone there cannot be any abuse
  • information related to the account and PIN is not stored in your cell phone

The technical prerequisites for successful use of mPBZCOM:

  • enough memory to store the software on the mobile device
  • internet access from a mobile device

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