• Nema rezultata za traženu pretragu



The Research department closely collaborates with departments within the Investment banking division and provides a wide spectrum of services required for the preparation and execution of various M&A transactions (including buy-side and sell-side deals, privatizations, mergers, acquisitions, LBOs, MBOs etc.), capital markets transactions (issue of debt and equity securities), project finance etc.

Services provided include:

  • Company valuation using various methodologies
  • Company analysis
  • Industry analysis, i.e. industry movements and trends, analysis of potential competitors, etc.
  • Providing support during due diligence process.


Analiza tržišta novca, kapitala, tržišnih instrumenata i klijenata
Adresa: Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb
E-mail: research@pbz.hr


Information on Servces

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