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Money Market

Money market

The Liquidity Department i.e. the Money Market Desk is an active trader in the local and international money markets. It manages the Bank’s liquidity, collects and invests funds (HRK as well as foreign currencies) in the interbank market, and performs transactions with institutional investors which involve maturities of up to one year. The Department keeps monitoring, in an organised and systematic manner, interest rate trends and developments in the local as well as international markets. It also monitors and plans the cash flow, ensuring adequate Bank’s liquidity in accordance with regulatory requirements - which is aimed at maintaining an unhindered and timely cash flow, thereby providing support to the overall stability of the system.

Types of transactions:

  • Deposits/Loans
  • REPO transactions
  • FX Swap
  • Management of the Short-Term Securities Portfolio
  • Trading in T-bills of the Croatian Finance Ministry in the primary and secondary markets
  • Trading in foreign short-term securities.



Telephone: +385 1 4891-303 +385 1 4891-303
E-mail: MM.treasury@pbz.hr

Danica Čavlović
Gordana Gilja 
Ivona Beljan 
Hrvoje Duvnjak

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