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Investment Banking Business

Investment Banking Operations

Privredna banka Zagreb is Croatia’s leading bank in the field of investment banking. Based on their specialist knowledge and many years of experience, our team of professionals has developed a range of products and services designed for both domestic and foreign clients

The most important services provided to corporate clients include: financial advisorystructured financeunderwriting of and/or placement of financial instrumentsresearchbrokerage and custody services. Some of the mentioned services are also provided to retail clients

Our team serves a broad client base, from state and local government bodies, prominent foreign and domestic companies to a significant number of individuals. Our corporate clients include many well-known companies from a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical industry, retail trade, food and beverage, confectionary industry, tourism, banking, paper and paper products, sporting goods and other industries.

In order to help you achieve your financial and investment goals, please contact our expert teams whose contact details are provided on web pages for specific services (capital markets, custody, brokerage, etc.) 

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