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PBZ as one of the leading players in the Croatian market offers a wide range of specialized financial solutions to corporate clients. The Sales Desk is in charge of trading with corporate clients. Our objective is to provide to our clients, through efficient personal communication, the best market quotes for all treasury products and to supply information regarding our views on developments in the exchange rates, interest rates, and developments in the securities market. Via the Sales Desk, the clients are able to get direct access to the foreign exchange market, money market and the securities market. It is possible to achieve significant cost savings based on communication and interaction with the PBZ Treasury, as well as to enhance yields as a result of: hedging against the exchange rate risk; trading at the favourable exchange rates; management of excess liquidity; investments in bonds, treasury bills and other types of securities. Also, at the request of a client, we stand ready to propose a tailor-made solution to a specific situation.

Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Exchange Market


We offer a variety of simple products (spot or forward) that can significantly improve your currency risk management. The advantages of these products include quick and simple conclusion of contracts and no fees being charged.

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forward
  • FX Swap
Interest Rate Market

Interest Rate Market

The Sales Department enables corporate clients to get access to the money market, where they can offer their excess liquidity at market interest rates. Changes in kuna interest rates can be monitored via ZIBOR quotations (ZIBOR - Zagreb interbank offer rate), which are available on a daily basis via PBZ TREASURY FINANCIAL SERVICES (Daily report).

Market interest rates depend primarily on the liquidity in the market.


  • Deposits
  • REPO transactions
  • Forward Rate Agreements
  • Interest Rate Swaps
Securities Market

Securities Market

Your excess liquidity can be invested into debt securities.

We offer investment into:

  • Treasury bills of the Croatian Finance Ministry
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Municipal bonds
  • Commercial papers and
  • Foreign bonds.


For any further information please contact numbers listed below – our team will be pleased to be of assistance or arrange a special presentation for you at your request.

Tel: +385 1 4891-301 +385 1 4891-301
E-mail: treasurysales@pbz.hr

Lidija Bolotin
Mate Džajić
Katarina Stojević 
Kristina Ropuš

For any additional information please see listed contacts.


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