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Privredna banka Zagreb is the leading Croatian custody bank offering top quality custody services for investments in domestic and foreign securities.

In-dept market knowledge and expertise of our team, as well as excellence in service quality is precisely why global custodians, other financial institutions and corporations, turn to Privredna banka Zagreb.

Along with an individual client approach, custody services include:

  • Custody and protection of domestic and foreign securities
  • Settlement of securities instructions
  • Collection of income from investment in securities
  • Reporting and realisation of rights from corporate actions
  • Representation at general company meetings
  • Reporting on the balance and changes of custody accounts
  • Reporting news on the capital market
  • Tax reclaims
  • Management information statistics  


Address: Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb
Tel: 01 / 63 60 755; 751; 864; 866
Fax: 01 / 63 60 775
E-mail: custody@pbz.hr

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