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Non-banking financial institutions


Dear clients,
We would like to inform you that Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. (hereinafter: the Bank) has recently amended its Decision on fees in transactions with domestic and foreign business entities, individuals and financial institutions (hereinafter: the Decision). It refers to the introduction of a fee on EUR legal entities deposits larger than EUR 1 million (balances in EUR demand deposit accounts/transaction accounts). The said amendment will become effective starting from1 May 2021 for the EUR accounts of financial institutions.
The fee level is 0.50 % p.a., and it will be calculated on a monthly basis on the last day in a month for the current month, on the basis of daily account balances that exceed the above-mentioned amount. Daily account balances that are lower than the mentioned amount will not be included in the basis for calculation. Calculated fees will be collected in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions, by directly debiting transaction account in EUR, on the 10th day after the calculation, while the notice of fee calculation will be delivered via the regular communication channel.
The Bank has introduced the mentioned fee after taking into consideration the costs it bears in connection with foreign currency funds held in accounts in Croatia and abroad, in accordance with the usual practice followed in Eurozone countries. For example, the European Central Bank (hereinafter: the ECB) already introduced in June 2014 a negative interest rate on deposits, which - as of September 2019 - stands at the level of - 0.50%.
With best regards,
Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Non-banking financial institutions

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., thanks to its widespread branch network in Croatia, the synergy resulting from combined resources of the PBZ Group and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, as well as a developed network of correspondent banks, provides comprehensive support to its client banks in all areas of their business activity.

  • Transaction Banking
  • Guarantees, documentary letters of credit and documentary collections (Trade Finance)
  • Export Finance
  • Financing
  • Treasury operations
  • Investment Banking

For all inquiries, including those related to the establishment of business cooperation, please contact our Financial Institutions Department at fi.relations@pbz.hr.


Transaction Banking

Privredna banka Zagreb offers you numerous products and transaction banking services,  on which more information can be found here (link na transkacijsko).



Depending on your needs, Privredna banka Zagreb can offer you financing through loans or it may arrange for you a syndicated loan in cases where the loan amount and other specific terms require involvement of several banks.

Further information can be provided to you by a Relationship Manager.


The PBZ Treasury is an important participant and a leading player in the Croatian financial market which offers a broad range of financial solutions to large corporate clients and institutional investors. It is capable of providing clients with a comprehensive range of services which include execution of transactions in the domestic and international money markets, foreign exchange markets, capital markets and management of the bank’s liquidity. 

For more information on treasury operations, please click  here. (link na Riznicu).

Investment banking

Privredna banka Zagreb is Croatia’s leading bank in the field of investment banking. Based on their specialist knowledge and many years of experience, our team of professionals has developed a range of products and services designed for both domestic and foreign clients. The most important services which the Bank provides to corporate clients include, inter alia, underwriting of and placing of financial instruments on / without a firm commitment basis, custody services, depositary bank service, brokerage services, structured finance, financial advisory services and financial analysis; some of the mentioned investment services are also provided to retail clients. 

For more information on investment banking, please click here.  (link na Inv. bank.).


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