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You can find out about any changes to your business account with a text message. Contract the PBZCOM-SMS service, with the only requirement being an active HRK business account at the PBZ and a cell phone.

You activate the PBZCOM-SMS service by using the PBZCOM@NET.

Features of the PBZCOM-SMS service

  • receiving messages in accordance with transactions on a business account (every two and half hours if there is activity on the account)
  • fixed receiving of messages (at the beginning of business hours, at the end of business hours or at the beginning and end of the business hours)
  • receiving messages according to special criteria (according to the amount of payment/disbursement and the name of the payee/payer)
  • you can specify up to five cell phone numbers with one business account

Advantages of the PBZCOM-SMS service:

  • information on balance and activities on your business account on the screen of your cell phone
  • you get a message on your cell phone screen without initiating any action
  • saves time
  • reasonable fees

How can I become a PBZCOM-SMS user?

  • send an Application Form and a Request filled out, validated and signed by an authorized person to your nearest Relationship manager.

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