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Online loan

Quick and easy loan contracting

Online Loan

Loan realisation made easy

Without visiting the bank

Quick and efficient approval

Funds available in just a few clicks

Products that suit the client

No insurance instruments

Quick online loan contracting
online loan2
Quick online loan contracting
An online loan is a type of short-term loan intended for craftsmen and small entrepreneurs
Contracting a loan through a very quick online process
Quick access to funds in the case of immediate and short-term financial need
Digital signature loans, fully compliant with the law
pristup sredstvima 24/7

24/7 Access

  • No need to visit the bank
  • Loan approval and contracting is done entirely online 
  • The quick contracting of overdrafts on transaction accounts
  • Loans for payment for delivered goods and materials to the supplier
  • Loans for financing working capital
  • Loans for the payment of salaries and other employee benefits
  • Repayment in monthly instalments available
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