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Loans for the energy renovation of buildings

For those who want more enjoyable and economical living spaces.

Take advantage of the benefits


Lending with attractive interest rates


Longer repayment periods, even up to 15 years


The fast realisation of loans without insurance instruments

Loans for the energy renovation of buildings

  • loans in EUR
  • repayment period up to 15 years

What can we finance with a loan for the renovation of residential buildings?

Financing the production of energy certificates, project documentation, effecting the ownership procedures of the flat, the reconciliation of land registers and other documentation, all types of works on a residential building (work on the roof, façade, basement, replacement of external windows on the building, replacement and other work on lifts, as well as other work related to the maintenance and renovation of buildings), the procurement of equipment and appliances in common housing and the refinancing of loans of the same purpose.

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