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Issuing certificates

Request the issuance of certificates on your transaction a

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Receiving certificates with a phone call or email

Qualified certificate

Electronic signing of documentation

Online process

No visit to the Bank premises required

Issuing certificates

You can issue certificates on your transaction account with one email or phone call.

If you need a certificate on:

  • business account balance
  • achieved business account turnover
  • the implementation of a specific transaction
  • business regularity (BON 2)

complete the form Request for issuing certificates located in the Documents section at the bottom of this page and deliver it to us by email: poduzeca.zahtjevi@pbz.hr

After the email has been received, you will get a call from a Service Centre agent for the purpose of applicant identity verification for issuing a certificate.

Getting a certificate in three steps
Step 1
Complete the "Request for issuing certificates" form
Step 2
Send the completed form to the email: poduzeca.zahtjevi@pbz.hr
Step 3
After the email has been received, you will get a call from our agent
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