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Contract the FINA e-Invoice service

Manage easily your e-Inovoices directly online thanks to your PBZ Digital Banking for business entities.

The FINA e-Invoice service is...


Innovation with the aim of improving business


Easier and cheaper sending and receiving e-Invoices


Convert automatically your e-invoices to payments orders

The FINA e-Invoice service: an advanced solution for businesses

You will not want to miss the FINA e-Invoice service!

The possibility to upload, send and receive e-invoices has reduced the expenditure of paper, simplified the process of managing the invoices and sped up the entire administrative procedures. Additionally, you can manage the rights of your employees completely online using your PBZ digital banking for business entities.

FINA e-Invoice service is integrated in PBZ Digital Banking for business entities.


In order to guarantee a high level of compliance with the market legal rules the service has been developed in cooperation with FINA and it has been co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union.


Seamless customer experience

Seamless customer experience

Manage all your e-invoices with the innovative e-Invoice service.

You can contract FINA e-Invoice service , upload, send and receive e-invoices and manage the rights of your employees, with your PBZ digital banking for legal entities or come to the nearest PBZ Sinergo desk.

Contracting of the service

Contracting of the service

If your company is interested in this service, and you are not yet a PBZ Business client, Contact us on poduzeca.sastanci@pbz.hr to reserve an appointment in one of our PBZ Sinergo Desks and join our satisfied customers!

If your company is already a client, the FINA e-Invoice service activation can be done by the Legal Representative of your company. Inside your PBZ digital banking for legal entities, in the Menu, you will find the «E-Invoice» dedicated tab. By clicking on it, among other information shown, for the Legal Representative there will be the activation button enabled for the possibility to start the contracting process online.

FINA e-Invoice management

FINA e-Invoice management

The Legal Representative is the only person who can activate the service but, depending on the different roles, the other users can view, upload, send and pay the different e-invoices.

FINA’s Certificate

FINA’s Certificate

The Legal Representative of your company and all the users who will work with the FINA e-Invoice service should have active FINA Certificate.

In addition, to make possible the usage of this service, a Desktop Application has to be installed in your device. Bear in mind that only Windows system can support it.

Contract your FINA e-Invoice service
1. Start the process
The legal representative submits Request in accordance with procedure
2. Users roles
End users must read and accept the e-Invoice rights and Terms
3. Activation
Legal representative signs the Agreement with FINA digital certificate
4. Let’s start
If FINA approves Request, you are ready to use the service
Cost of the service

Cost of the service

The FINA e-Invoice service will be charged a fixed monthly fee per user and a unit fee per issued e-invoice.
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